Ignite Entrepreneurship

Increase your brand’s visibility. Get feedback from the world’s top founders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Win funding that could change everything.

Day 1

The Great Idea

  • Ideas vs Opportunities
  • The 4Rs of Human Needs
  • Generating & Monetizing Your Ideas
  • Understanding The People You Target to Sell To So That They Want to Buy What You’ve Got to Offer

Winning The Game Of Entrepreneurship

  • The Step by Step Guide to Winning The Game of Entrepreneurship (Level 1 & 2)
  • Assess Your Business’s​ Health and Gain Absolute Clarity of The Key Focus Areas & Priorities in Moving Forward

The Game Of Entrepreneurship

  • The entrepreneur Roller Coaster
  • The Game of Entrepreneurship
    • The 4 Entrepreneur Categories in
      The Game of Entrepreneurship
    • The Game of Entrepreneurship Roadmap
    • The Secret Formula of Every Successful Entrepreneurs
    • The Game of Entrepreneurship Framework
    • The 12 Rules of the Game
  • The 4 Most Questions to Ask Yourself at Any Time in Your Entrepreneurial / Business Journey
  • The Success Journey Map

The Business Identity

  • Creating a Stream of Products People Want
  • Uncovering Your Sources of Revenue
  • Finding Your Right Position Fit in Your Marketplace and Stand Out From Your Competitors
  • Creating Your Unique Business Model with The Business Model Map

The Lean Business Plan

  • The Strategic Objectives in Your Day-to-Day Job
  • The 9 Components of The Lean Business Plan
  • Your Unique Value Proposition and Brand Promise
  • The Only 3 Ways to Grow a Business… Any Business
  • The Ultimate Growth Formula
  • The 7 Pricing Strategies and Finding Your Right Pricing Model
  • Your Go-to-Market Strategies and Tactics
  • Your Business Plan Done in The 1-Page Lean Business Plan

Day 1

Day 2

The Power of Leverage

  • The 9 Situations for Leverage Opportunities
  • How to Qualify and Select a Business or Working Partner
  • How to Assemble Your Core Team to Support Your Business Growth Faster

The Game Plan

  • Your Business Financials
  • The 9 Steps to Creating An Effective, Actionable and Executable Game Plan
  • The Difference and Implications of Being Strategic vs Tactical

The Great Pitch

  • The 10 Things You Should Cover in Your Investor Pitch
  • Presentation Tips to Engage Your Audience

Don't delay acting on a good idea. Chances are someone else has just thought of it, too. Success comes to the one who acts first.


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