The Moment Is Now

Applying for VCreator only takes a few minutes, what do you have to lose? We’ll walk you through the process and give you some pointers below.



Primary Applicant must be 18 years and above

Primary Applicant must be a Malaysian citizen


If you own a company, the company must be incorporated not more than 3 years

51% Company’s equity must be Malaysian

Company revenue must not be more than RM 1 Million

4 Points Of Submission Details


  • What is your Vision?
  • What is your Aspiration?
  • Create things you love


  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • Is this the main points of the consumers?

Value Proposition

  • How does your product or service create value differentiate from existing competitor

Profit Model

  • What is the size of your target market?
  • When do you expect to make profit? How?

Submission Form

Season 2 is now open for registration!


Phone : +088 233 791

Fax : +088 249 691

Email :

Vivian ( 010 959 6230 )

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